Malaysia has always been one of those Asian states whose appeal to the world has never faltered, even though the history of such places has been quite rough and eventful. So, one can expect that the Malaysian cities will also follow the same trail and present something remarkable in front of the entire world. Such is the case of the official federal territory of Labuan, located off the coast of the Borneo territory i.e. the state of Sabah and is surrounded by six isolated and solitary small islands, which has proved to be an area of calmness and solitude outings. The entire island is covered with tropical vegetation, providing a soothing climate all the year round within the place. This is the reason why Labuan is a place of refreshment and recuperation to most of the tourist visitors.

The city is the perfect example of the blend of old and new, traditional lifestyles with the technologically advanced one, of vast green foliages and vast stretches of tall official buildings. The city’s scenario is truly a sight to behold since it brings an immense sense of comfort and serenity to everyone who resides within the town or who visit the place to get away from the hustle-bustle of their lives.

Apart from the green foliage within the land, there is another sight of attraction along the coastal regions of the Labuan Island. The coral reefs and the small aqua animals swimming in the shallow seawater is a remarkable sight to watch and spend hours watching them. Also, the nearby islands provide solitary areas for picnics and a day out for the tourists who want to revel in the beauty of nature, under the vast open sky and amidst the vast stretch of blue seawater. It is actually nature’s hub, where one can experience the wonders of both seas and lands, amidst the various amazing spots within the city.

Other than this, Labuan is also a place perfect for official gatherings, exhibitions, corporate meetings and other official events, owing to the high-tech societal structures within the city. It is due to this reason that people from across the country flies to the island to have corporate meetings in presence of such advanced features and wonderful calming nature surrounding the city. These international relationships and other services like international banking, investing organizations and others are the main sources of income of the people living in the city. Apart from this, the gas and oil reserves off the shores of the island are another source of income for the people.

There are many areas to visit in the Labuan city, one being the Labuan war cemetery, which contains the graves of the fallen from WWII. There are other historical places like the Labuan Maritime museum and the royal navy coaching stallion.


After being under the reigns of the Sultanate of Brunei, Labuan gained the attention of British in the 18th century when a James Brooke achieved the land through the Treaty of Labuan. This was an important landmark in the history of the city since it established British colony on the land. It continued to be a crowned colony under the British rule until Japan took a hold of the city during WWII and used it as their naval base camp.

After the WWII, the city was once again brought under the control of the British forces when it regained its old status. In 1984, the Sabah Government declared Labuan to be a federal territory.