Best 5 shopping malls of the city in Sabah

Kota Kinabalu impresses tourists with many things such as the amicable and friendly behavior of the locals, breathtaking sunsets, thriving art and music also broad potpourri of culinary surprises. Kota Kinabalu is best for honeymoon couples as expensive luxury condos are waiting to welcome them. Along with markets selling genuine pearls and other sea treasures there are ritzy new malls where varying international items are traded. The city is alive all throughout as the nightlife here is blazing and exciting for all.

Here are 5 wonderful malls that tourists love visiting

Borneo Leisure & Lifestyle Hyper Mall

This mall is situated in Sabah and considered as one of the largest and most crowded malls of Kota Kinabalu, this mall is roughly 8 to 10 kms away from the main city center. Here one will get varying items from fancy clothing to, entertainment outlets, scrumptious restaurants, appliance stores to labeled supermarkets. There are three hotels all total and one cinema multiplex, 3 apartment block towers also a gym is there for fitness lovers and one much-touted aquarium. Around the mall, there is that one extensive area for exhibitions as One Borneo Hypermall is known to host number of exhibitions and events which generate congestion of traffic from time to time. The sloppy parking system most of the time remains overfilled.

Handicraft Market

If you are on the lookout for inexpensive souvenirs, then this market will surely be your favorite place for shopping. Among the kinds of items one will come across bead of pearls and varying pearl jewelries, smooth textiles which would tap attention for sure, manifold seashell crafts, different kinds of jewelry along with the bamboo goods, here are some items that you are required to get from the Philippines, some authentic items of Malaysia are available together with some items from varying other parts of Asia. But one needs to bargain hardcore to strike best deal at right price.

Oceanus Waterfront Mall

Right opposite to Marina Court Apartments Oceanus Waterfront Mall is situated and if you are seeking finest dining and shopping experience then this mall will certainly be serving your purpose. Oceanus Waterfront Mall showcases the thriving urban lifestyle featuring manifold leisure activities and entertainment and dining pleasure. The mouthwatering food and delightful evening is guaranteed here, enjoy the blazing sunset view from here, spoil yourself with finest fashion and cosmetic range. The malls organize number of events and exhibitions.

Suria Sabah

This is one stop shopping entertainment for all tourists, this is one oldest mall, but nowhere uncleaned or unorganized. Here you will find the international brands and the local boutiques, also you may experience the local boutiques. One may enjoy cinema in that mall also there is that library in the building, also there is a café. While enjoying the scenic beauty, you may read the book and relish the cappuccino.

Warisan Square

The place used to be radical during its heyday and identified around for its up market brands, there were wide open spaces, one will be getting that quality feel, there is that open air ambiance which would be enticing you for sure. There is more or less 114 shops, there are number of coffee shops and inner atrium also number of retail outlets.